Why working in a call center is great for new graduates.

With the Philippines being hailed as the call center capital of the world a few years back, it’s no surprise that generations of new graduates have since joined this bustling industry. Every year, schools from across the country produce thousands of fresh graduates—all scrambling to seek employment and transition into the workplace.

Admittedly, many of those graduates see working in the outsourcing sector as a mere stepping stone to another job. They see it as a good temporary source of above-average income, and a great way to start populating the Work History field on their resumes.

Then there are those who understand the value of becoming a worker in a business process outsourcing (BPO) company. They dedicate their time and effort to the daily graveyard shifts to develop their skills and cultivate a lasting career. And true enough, so many of them has since climbed the call center corporate ladder, shedding their rank-and-file skins as they move on to managerial positions or break out into other high ranking positions in the office.

Contact Centers: Apt for fresh grads

In most industries, having a successful career path like these can be challenging. Companies expect a lot from their employees. Understandably, they also require a lot from their applicants, including credentials that people don’t normally have right out of college. This makes outsourcing firms a great avenue for new graduates.

Here are a few factors that make contact centers quite the suitable environment to foster the recently graduated:

Experience is an advantage but not required

While job hunting, you may find yourself leafing through classified ads for job openings that’ll fit your college degree. Unfortunately, not every company out there is willing to hire a fresh grad with no training in the field and barely any work experience. Good thing call centers don’t require these from their applicants. Be a diligent team player willing to be trained and you have a pretty good chance of getting the recruiters’ attention.

Good pay and benefits

Normally, you can’t expect most companies to offer a high salary to someone with little or no work experience. This is not the case if you’re planning to work for an outsourcing firm. While seasoned workers in the field do commonly get offered a premium, those merely starting in the industry still get above average salary packages and benefits that are undoubtedly higher than those who have worked for years in non-outsourcing businesses.

Business class training

Once hired, new voice support representatives must go through a comprehensive training period. This starts with Western languages and culture, client specifics (about the client you’ll be servicing, including branding), and the internal tools you’ll be using. This training period not only prepares you for the responsibilities your job would entail, it will also equip you with valuable transferable skills a fresh grad needs in and outside the call center workplace, which includes—

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership skills
  • Project planning


Fun working environment

BPO companies commonly provide their employees with a fun working environment. This is because they understand that a light and positive workplace encourages creativity and teamwork, and both of these can boost productivity and topnotch quality of work. They ensure that their workers are comfortable in their given workspaces, engaged in fun activities, and the bosses are easily approachable. Having a positive work environment can definitely help new graduates ease into the workforce, ensuring that they’re motivated to come to work every day and that they enjoy themselves while accomplishing their tasks.

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